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Questions for Agents

Q: How can CARETS help me?

A: CARETS gives you realtime access to the combined listings of five California MLS r. It also makes your listings available to over 35,000 California agents. All without joining multiple MLS or arranging reciprocal listings. Everything is available from your regular MLS.

Q: How do I join CARETS?

A: Agents and Brokers cannot join CARETS directly. Your MLS must be a member of CARETS. If your MLS is not yet a member and you would like it to be please contact your local AOR/BOR.

Q: How do I use CARETS?

A: If your MLS is member of CARETS, listings from other CARETS member MLSs will be searchable and available in your MLS just like local listings. Your listings will be seen by all agents and brokers with access to CARETS.  You don't need to do anything special.  Implementation may vary between CARETS members so ask your MLS if you have any questions.

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